Piper- Maternity, Birth & Newborn Session


January 8, 2020

A little over two years ago I had the privilege of photographing Cortney’s first maternity session. Fast forward to 8 months ago when she booked me for her second child Pipers birth I was beyond excited. She then mentioned that she also wanted Maternity, Newborn, and my Grow with me package. I don’t typically offer birthing photos but Cortney gave me no choice, she literally told me that I WAS going to photograph Pipers birth, and I am glad she did.

Cortney, Brett, & Mason met me for their maternity session at one of my favorite locations. Mason is 2 so wasn’t super thrilled with the idea of photos, but he did an amazing job! Brett & Cortney’s love shows every single time I am around them. Brett is so caring and always worries about Cortney, if you don’t know her let me just tell you she is the strongest mama I know. She is a personal trainer and she will work out hours at a time and never complain, I wish I had a little bit of her willpower and energy. Together they are a beautiful couple and have the sweetest family.

Cortney kept me posted during her pregnancy on how much longer the doctors thought she would go, and up until 5 days before she felt amazing. I hardly slept the last 5 days and I am sure she felt the same way (for other reasons lol). I was nervous I wouldn’t hear my phone, or I was scared it was on silent on accident, it’s the OCD in me that I just had to worry non stop. Thursday night I had my son at a concert and Cortney text me and said “we may go in a little bit when we get Mason to sleep”. I text her right after the concert and she tells me “Oh we decided to just stick it out at home, I will let you know in the morning what we decide”. 11:00pm the same night my phone rings and I answer “Are you heading to the hospital” she responds in the calmest voice “yes we are”. Somehow I got up, got dressed, and pulled in the parking lot literally 2 seconds before them.

We then all walked to labor & delivery to find the door was locked. Cortney at this point had some serious contractions, but that didn’t stop her from sprinting to the first open door. We ended up ringing the ambulance entrance and a nurse let us cut through so we could get to labor & delivery. Less than 2 hours later Piper made her appearance. WOW is all I can say, what an amazing experience being able to watch not only the birth but the connection that Brett & Cortney share.

8 days after I witnessed pipers birth, I had the privilege of photographing her in the studio for her newborn session. She has the tiniest little features, and she already loves the camera. I cannot wait to watch this little lady grow, I am so lucky that her parents chose me to capture these beautiful moments.


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