Justin & Brooke


March 24, 2020

3 years ago I pulled up to the Day residence and knocked on the door. I asked if I could please borrow their driveway for my watermelon mini sessions. Ok yes I am that crazy, but the location is just beautiful. Their driveway has the most perfect row of pine trees on each side, and it made my vision come to life.

While I was packing up sessions that day, Justin pulls up in his Gator with a beer in hand. He asked if I needed anything and how everything went. We then started to chat about Brooke, he told me how long they had been together, of course I followed that by asking him when he was going to ask her to marry him.

2 years later Brooke reached out to me to photograph her baby bump, and the rest was history. I am now lucky to say I am their family photographer, close friend, and they even trusted me to capture the most special day of their lives. While I was completely honest and told Brooke and Justin I do not usually photograph weddings, of course they still trusted me and told me they would love me to be their photographer. I think it is safe to say they are stuck with me for all of their photography needs, I just love their family!

If every single wedding could be just like Justin & Brooke’s, I would photograph a wedding every single day…Ok maybe not that much, but I would rethink the whole wedding photography idea.

Justin & Brooke- Thank you for always supporting my business, being such amazing friends, and also letting me snuggle sweet little Cooper. I cannot wait to watch your family grow!


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