March 21, 2020

Emilia came to visit when she was 8 days new and goodness she is one beautiful baby girl. She had a head full of dark hair, beautiful complexion, and the sweetest little family ever.

Her mom and dad were all about trusting me with colors as well as set ups, but they also wanted to incorporate the color purple for Emilia’s grandmother who loved that color. Those who follow my work know purple is my favorite and if it were up to me I will incorporate it into every single session.

We even thought we would add a couple Easter themed photos because it is already almost that time of year.

Every single set up looked darling for this baby girl.

Thank you to Mai & Dave for trusting me to capture this precious moment in your life. I am so thankful one of your clients referred you to me and I look forward to capture many more special moments in your lives.


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