March 4, 2020

Those of you that follow my business page as well as my personal page you might remember the sweet family I have been asking everyone to pray for, well that family is Kaylee’s grandparents. They recently lost their home and everything in it, I wanted to bring a smile to their face. When they lost their home they lost their photos of their children (Kaylee’s mom being one of them). Not having childhood photos just breaks my heart, those memories are always relived by looking at those photos…now they are gone.

When Kaylee’s mom Kristin and I last spoke it was to discuss newborn photos, so I knew right away what I wanted to do for this family.

Kaylee was born and boy did it bring a smile to this families face, a smile they most certainly needed.

I hope these photos bring joy to the Smith family, Kaylee sure did bring joy to me when she was in the studio. I love her chubby cheeks and her bright blue eyes. I cannot wait to photograph her in the future.


Please continue prayers for the Smith family!



  1. Starlene Smith says:

    Julie, this is the sweetest thing you not only captured Kaylee in these beautiful pictures but you have made me smile something I haven’t wanted to do.This is a bright spot in my life I will always remember and always smile when I think of this moment and how I feel right this very minute. You have a huge heart and all my family loves you
    Thank you,

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