December 29, 2019

What I love most about my job is being able to watch the personalities in children develop over the years. My clientele grows every single year, but most of my clients have been coming to me since pregnancy. I typically photograph maternity – 1 year, seeing those sweet babies every 3 months along the way. With that being said you can imagine the little personalities they have each time they come back. I love looking back at photos I took at a cake smash and then the child comes in for a mini session and is now 5 years old and it is amazing to me how quickly the time as passed.

This to me is what makes photography so important, my children are 7 and 2. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital having them, I feel like every year the time goes faster and faster and their birthdays come and go so quickly. Being able to capture photos at every single age and every single moment is so important. One of my clients and I were chatting in the studio the other day about how we think 5 years old is the perfect age to take a child to Disney because they will be old enough to remember, well that isn’t really how it works. We as parents remember them being 5 and going, but when they are 7 or 8 and you ask them about what they loved in Disney most likely they won’t remember anything except from photos you took. We took our son Bryce at 5 and the other day I said do you remember going to Mickey’s Christmas parade and having this light up bulb necklace and the fake snow falling, he said nope. Made me realize I am so thankful I had my camera and photographed the whole trip so he can relive what he can’t actually remember from that vacation.

Document as much as you can! Every single minute, month, day, year, your child(ren) are changing.

Throughout the year you will see in my private group on facebook ( mini sessions I offer. These typically have a unique theme, sometimes they are indoor and sometimes they are outdoor. I try my hardest to not only be unique but I try to offer sessions that haven’t been done in this area. I try to keep up with the “trend” but being ahead is my goal, being the first to come up with a unique set up, being the first to see your children’s face light up with happiness and excitement from my fun but unique set up is my goal.

Look at these milestone and mini session set ups that really stand out to me from 2019.

Thank you to all of my amazing clients for your continued support.


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