+ I'm a mom to two beautiful children

+ My biggest fear is elevators

+ I LOVE food! I eat everything except coconut & pineapple

+ My favorite colors are turquoise and purple

+ I live at the beach, but won't swim in the ocean
+ Sleep...what's that? I sleep about 3-5 hours per night and don't even need caffeine to function

random facts about me

Living on the Eastern shore I became obsessed with the beach. The beautiful scenery makes me happy. Do you ever sit back and think about how quickly time passes?  I want to be able to document every special moment while it lasts.

You will notice my style is very bright and vibrant.  Do you ever see a color and it just makes you happy or puts you in a better mood?  I want my photos to stand out, to be full of happiness, color, and cheer. That is exactly what my style is all about!

and my favorites

my style

As a child I moved around a lot. I was born in Morgantown, WV, where mountains and hills are covered in snow. At the age of 5 I moved to Maryland which consists of flat land, beaches, and unpredictable weather. Traveling as a young adult, I fell in love with Hawaii which helped me find my style. Hawaii's bright colors and beautiful beaches surrounded by mountains reminded me of Maryland & West Virginia combined, minus the frigid temps. Hawaii was the place that inspired me to freeze time and capture memories.

finding my style

bright and vibrant

Growing up I remember summer being my favorite time of the year. Summer means NO SCHOOL and what kid doesn't love summer, right? Fall reminds me of pumpkin spice chai lattes and beautiful trees covered with vibrate leaves. Winter consists of hot chocolate, comfy sweaters, and ice glistening on the trees. Spring welcomes the smell of flowers, warm sunshine and family walks. I am thankful for every season and enjoy capturing memories outdoors all year long.   

favorite seasons

all year long

I absolutely love watching my families grow. Some of my most memorable moments as a photographer are capturing an expecting mother and then having the honor of photographing her sweet blessing when he/she arrives. Documenting my repeat clients from their newborn session, through repeated holidays and birthdays over the years is an honor. If I had to pick one favorite thing in particular, it would be cake smash sessions. Watching children grow really brings joy to my heart.

things to photograph

my favorite

Goals are literally something I set every single day, week, month, and year. Sometimes I think I set too many! I just tell myself to reach for the stars and set a good example for my children every single day.

Education is important to me. Every year I take several continued education courses, I will always strive to make your photography experience as if it was my own family I was working with. I guarantee it will definitely be one to remember!


What goes into my photography business

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!